Ten Timer

Ten Timer

Simple, multiple-timer app. Ten countup and ten countdown timers
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Simple, multiple-timer app. Ten countup and ten countdown timers. Witness time slip by. Each timer has start/pause, reset and configuration buttons. Colors are configurable for each timer.Countdown timers require a starting time amount to be set. They also get reset to their configured time.

Main Features:
- Play a WAV file of your choice.
- Pop up a message box stating the timer expired.
- Pop up a system tray balloon tip stating the timer expired.

Ten Timer Commands:
- ctrl-1 through ctrl-0 will start/pause the corresponding timer.
- ctrl-alt-1 through ctrl-alt-0 will reset the timer to 0. You can also do this while the timer is running.
- The ">" button will start a timer.
- The "| |" will pause a timer.
- The "<<" will reset a timer.

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